AMA Trader EA


The EA considers iAMA (Adaptive Moving Average, AMA) and iRSI (Relative Strength Index, RSI) indicators when generating a trading signal. The signal itself is formed in two steps.

Step 1: RSI should be less than level 30 (set in the RSI Level Down EA parameter). Step 2: Price should overcome AMA indicator. Step Length (distance in bars between Step 1 and 2) is introduced to find the optimal combination of the two indicators.


In case of an incoming trading order, request profit for BUY abd SELL positions separately. In case of an incoming trading order:

  • “Open Buy”
    • if profit on BUY positions is less than 0.0, open two BUY positions
    • otherwise, open one BUY position
  • “Open Sell”
    • if profit on SELL positions is less than 0.0, open two SELL positions
    • otherwise, open one SELL position

Managing funds

For a change, I applied the following funds management system here: Profit limit for close all – when reaching a total profit for positions opened by the EA on the symbol, close all positions. In other words, we fix profit.

Remember the trading account balance during the EA launch. As soon as the trading account’s current balance exceeds the saved balance by Withdrawal – withdraw the Withdrawal sum and close all positions.