CCI and Martin EA


The EA uses iCCI (Commodity Channel Index, CCI) indicator value on the last four bars and Open/Close prices on the last three bars. A position opening signal is checked if less than 20 seconds remain before closing the current bar (this is a very rare solution) and if there are no positions opened by this EA.

Position opening conditions


  • cci[] – array of CCI indicator values;
  • Open[] and Close[] – open and close prices arrays, respectively.

Main trading settings

  • Lots – constant position volume (if martingale and incremental volume increase are disabled) or this is an initial lot for martingale and incremental volume increase;
  • Stop Loss (“0.0” → disabled);
  • Take Profit (“0.0” → disabled);
  • Trailing Stop (“0.0” → disabled);
  • Trailing Step.

CCI parameters

  • CCI: averaging period – averaging period;
  • CCI: type of price – type of price to calculate the indicator.

Positions volume

It can be specified in one of the following ways:

  • fixed lot (Lots);
  • martingale (Use martingale);
  • incremental volume increase (Use step by step).
Note: Do not use martingale and incremental volume increase simultaneously! Select only one method or disable both.

Let’s consider the last two methods of setting positions volume in more detail:


The method is applied only if a loss-making position (positions) is present in trading history. Main settings:

  • Use martingale – martingale flag;
  • Martingale coefficient – position volume increase ratio;
  • Ordinal number of the losing trade – index of a losing trade the volume increase starts from;
  • Maximum number of multiplications – maximum number of position volume increases in a row.

Volume incremental increase

The method is applied to a series of loss-making or profitable positions. Main settings:

  • Use step by step – incremental lot increase flag;
  • Step lots – position volume increase step;
  • Maximum lots – maximum volume to be used with incremental lot increase;
  • Use step after… – apply incremental volume increase after:
    • … losing – a losing trade;
    • … profitable – a profitable trade.

When using martingale, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop and Trailing Step parameters should be selected carefully apart from the martingale settings.