Fibo iSAR


  • Control Time
  • Start Time in hours
  • Stop Time in hours
  • Breakeven
  • Trailing Stop
  • Trailing Step
  • Step Fast_SAR
  • Maximum Fast_SAR
  • Step Slow_SAR
  • Maximum Slow_SAR
  • Count Bar Search
  • Indent Stop Loss
  • Fibo Entrance Level
  • Fibo Profit Level


The EA compares the current price location with the readings of the two indicators (SAR(“Step Fast_SAR“,”Maximum Fast_SAR“) and SAR(“Step Slow_SAR“,”Maximum Slow_SAR“)). 

Pending order prices are calculated by Fibo levels “Fibo Entrance Level” and “Fibo Profit Level” in the ScalpParabolicPattern() code block.