News Hour Trade EA


StartHour = 1;       // Starting Hours
StartMinute = 1;     // Starting Minute News Released time (-1 minute)
DelaySeconds = 5;    // Default 5 seconds
Lots = 0.1;         // Lots Size
StopLoss = 20;       // StopLoss
TakeProfit = 50;     // Take Profit
PriceGap = 10;       // Price Offset
TrailStop=false;      // Enable/Disable Trailing
TrailingStop = 20;   // Trailing Stop Value in Pips
TrailingGap = 10;    // Trailing Gap in Pips
BuyTrade=true;        // True=Enable Buy Trade; False=Disable Buy Trade
SellTrade=true;       // True=Enable Sell Trade; False=Disable Sell Trade


Expert Advisor I have developed for News Time Trading.

The EA is not fully automatic, you must set the time before 1 minute of news release time and lot, s/l, t/p accordingly.

Remember — time settings must be your broker’s MetaTrader 4 server time.

Set and leave it. Get the Results.

I can not guarantee the EA makes reliable profit, but if you setup the settings when you have heard the better news, it’s working good.

Updated version 2: Added Magic Number.

Updated version 3: Added option to change Expiry time for pending order (Remember expiry time in minutes).