Murrey EA


This Expert Advisor is based on Murrey lines, Stochastic oscillator, Candles, Bollinger Bands.

  • Oversold occured when price breaked level 8/8 and stochastic >70 and target level 7/8  , with auto trail, when candle close above 8/8
  • Overbought occured when price breaked level 0/8 and stochastic<20 and target level 1/8 , with auto trail, when candle close bellow 0/8
  • What’s new   : V4  -> no order modify error 134 ,  and I will always update EA when I have time….

You must download murrey template before using EA to understand the functionality , Murrey auto detect     support and resistance , pivotal point …  on a cetain timeframe.


I develolped level 1/8 and level8/8, other algo in next version…


  • I. 5 digits pair
  • II. Best timeframes: M15,M30,H1,H4
  • III. Please follow the trend before running EA , you can disable buy by setting. Enable Buy :false , you can disable sell by setting Enable Sell:false

So EA will work good when you take a look at the trend and follow only the trend, disable Short or Long.

This is not the final version yet and I will always update this EA…

Money management

Do not risk, because minimum timeframe to EA to work good is M15.